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    Elise was with pride set up as being the very first title in eyelashes in Indonesia in the year of 2000. The theory has come from the growing fascination of man-made eyelashes community-wide. Brought into this world away from our manufacturer in Central Java, Elise produce wide different types of product or service employing the best of raw resources coupled with competent and seasoned craftmanship. Every kind of the eyelashes had been hand-made very carefully with passion and love.

    We began to bring in Elise to community industry by partnering with conventional retailers in Jakarta, then grew in the market to provinces across Indonesia. After receiving great enthusiasm and responses, we enterprise over to few countries around the world, such as USA, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Poland, by partnering on top of neighborhood suppliers to help you disperse our items internationally.

    As the market evolves, in 2015, Elise expanded its distributions to modern retails across the nation. We handled to work alongside giant store chains for exampleCarrefour and Hypermart, Boston Drugstores, Naughty, Giants, Foodmart, Lunadorii, Foodhall and Gramedia. In 2019, with all the modify of complete administration, Elise was focused to get more robust presences in numerous pillars, and that we managed to increase to even bigger and more retailers, like Guardian, Watsons, and Indomaret. Up to now, our syndication stations are as much as 16,000 stores countrywide and keeping track of. On the internet- smart, Elise has set its electronic footprints with possessing established e-retailers in leading 10 E-commerces like Tokopedia, Shopee, and so forth, along with possessing established accounts in leading and dominant social press apps. We have been also highly supported with this computerized advertising promotions.

    Inspired through the several characters of Indonesian women and cultures, we consider those in satisfaction into our product choices and enhancements, since we notice that splendor is made for everyone and that everybody is gorgeous. What you feel, though beauty is not only what you see. The things you really feel translates to your confidence and persona, and assurance is empowering. We believe being a brand, there exists a part in empowering females to take pleasure in their problems as originality and also to take pleasure in on their own by complementing their appearance with this quality goods. Elegance is almost everywhere pleasant, and to look great is a form of self-value in addition to respecting your group of friends.

    To serve the vast diversities in attractiveness, Elise provides the broadest choice of imitation eyelashes, which will suit any type and shape of eyes. We currently identify our merchandise into 6 range: –°lassic, Glamour, 3D, Tokyo, Pro and Monolid.

    Each series features its own variation, Vintage Collection shares normal in the patterns that you could go along with each day, whereas Tokyo Collection is a thing you want to opt for to attain a very organic appearance. Tokyo Collection is produced with tapered- stop technologies, where the materials is refined a second time to make it look since it is your natural lashes. We are the initial and the only person to possess this sophisticated modern technology in Indonesia.

    Charm Collection elevate your eyes appear with a lot more volume level, whilst three dimensional sequence, which mixes 3 various styles into 1, will give you dramatic appear if you want it the most, particularly on your own unique celebrations and days. Professional Collection is available as to appreciate the professionals in the business, specialized especially for Makeup Musicians, collectors, or fans. And Monolid Collection is designed for a basic or even a new consumer or perhaps for those who have no lids who experienced that they may never at any time have the ability to use synthetic lashes.

    But again, if you take pleasure in your splendor, you will get innovative, and you may use any of our goods as you want. Inside our area, obviously, we will get more addition as you go along as we carry on and make an effort with the quality of our own goods with varieties and innovations.

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