Tonnesen Povlsen

  • Throughout history, what is displayed in most religions as getting the manifestation associated with plea or miracles is certainly symptoms of our connection with the utilization of of our Heart and the current expression regarding the power of religious recovery. We have read throughout the centuries regarding such miracles that have occured to…[Read more]

  • Recently My partner and i approached a traffic lighting where a man stood at shabby clothes along with a three-legged dog by way of his aspect. As I actually waited for that light in order to change I appeared in this scene with concern and felt the need to contribute something. The sign he was carrying pointed out that he has been homeless. The…[Read more]

  • Throughout history, what is pictured in all religions as being the manifestation of plea or miracles is certainly current expression of our connection together with the essence of our Heart and the symptoms involving the power of psychic recovery. We have heard throughout the hundreds of years about such miracles that have occurred to people, and…[Read more]

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