The official [A]rmor public tournament server is now running!

Hey everyone! I now have¬†the public¬†insurgency server running. This server includes a full stats system as well as an interactive ban and cheat reporting system. The Ban System: I have the SourceBan system set up. If you catch someone cheating, you can submit it at That site will also show all the banned players and provides a place for people to appeal their bans. The ... »

The Armor Website is Here!

Hello everyone, So I was planning on setting up an insurgency server, with the possibility of some added stats and such for players playing on that server, so I figured that players should have a website they can go to to find out about those stats etc. So I set up a simple word press site. Most of us wont use it since we have our private discord, but this will be nice for if people wish to post c... »

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