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    Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tour
    <p>In some countries, Jacob & Co luxury men replica watch may be known for its luxurious jewellery designs rather than high-end timepieces, but not for long. New CEO Bertrand Savary shares his vision for the company’s long-term growth.</p>
    <p>Recently, even with the launch of the astronomical tourbillon in 2014, Jacob & Co. seems to have begun to really gain popularity in the wider horological field. Is this just a matter of time, or has the marketing direction changed and inspired this wave of awareness?</p>
    <p>When it comes to communications, we are starting to focus more and more on digital things (Instagram, etc.). This is part of the increase in consciousness you are seeing. We used to be niche brands-well, we are still niche brands now, we don’t make thousands of watches. In terms of talking about our watches and brands, we still have some way to go, but in terms of exposure, Jacob & Co’s founder Jacob [Arabo] has been very helpful. ] And his well-known relationship. Based on our jewelry expertise, the brand’s popularity in certain countries also helps.</p>
    <p>I would say that Jacob & Co. Mainly attracts mature markets. If you want to buy Jacob & Co. watches, it is definitely not your first best swiss replica watches. Those who buy our watches are well aware of fine watchmaking.</p>
    <p>Are male and female customers approaching Jacob & Co. very differently?</p>
    <p>Today, I want to say that 70% of the watches we buy are men’s, and of course the jewellery is the women’s market. Although they are different audiences and there are different people in the company responsible for watch communications and jewelry communications, I strongly believe we need to bring them closer together.</p>
    <p>Jacob & Co is a young brand. Jacob set up his own company 34 years ago, and started with watches 18 years ago. Future generations may have a different attitude towards gender than their previous audience, but Jacob & Co is young and agile.http://www.vogue4uwatches.com</p>
    <p>Jacob & Co watch customers see Jacob & Co as a men’s brand, while jewelry clients see Jacob & Co as a women’s brand. It is very effective for Jacob & Co, because even if you make a basic comparison with some other brands today, there are some companies that will never be able to sell watches to men because people mainly regard them as jewellery brands that cater to women. Jacob & Co doesn’t have that problem.</p>
    <p>See many ideas and new ideas at Jacob & Co. It’s simple, because they need innovation—that’s how they exist. Jacob & Co has its own internal engineers who design what we want in-house. It’s best to use insiders because they can write Jacob’s ideas directly on paper. But after that, Jacob & Co will look for the people outside the company who can best implement those ideas.</p>
    <p>Therefore, Jacob & Co can hold both watches and jewelry. And, Jacob & Co doesn’t have to be ubiquitous-anyway, Jacob & Co’s products are high-end products and niche markets.https://www.fanreviewwatch.com</p>

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