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    Retainer Ventures are all mini-missions which you can send your trusty servant on FF14 Gil. It is possible to equip your Retainer with equipment just like your self, from combat classes and collecting classes. The far better stats they have, the better rewards they will have the ability to get from ventures. Following is a list of ventures you can send themHunting,Mining,Botany,Fishing.

    These can benefit you with items related to the venture itself, e.g. Hunting will provide you items which are observed on slain creatures, whereas Botany will provide wood and plant material. There is also Exploration variants of all four mission types, which require a lot longer to complete, but give your Retainer much more experience before completion; ideal to set up before going to bed. The Quick Exploration venture is the final of the lot – it’ll send out your Retainer to go and fetch just one item, but that item can be just about anything : from crap, furniture, to end-game gear.

    The last of FFXIV’s weird vocabulary is Spiritbonding and Materia – equally extremely useful to just about any adventurer. In essence, Spiritbonding is the act of creating Materia from gear, and Materia is utilized to fortify gear to provide it additional stats; think gems in warcraft.

    When you get experience by slaying enemies, crafting items or gathering materials, a product’s Spiritbonding advancement will increase till it reaches 100%. Once a bit of gear is Spiritbonded, it is possible to convert it to some random Materia.

    Depending on the item level of the gear, it will provide unique levels of Materia when converted. So a equipment with item level of 60, can be converted to provide Materia IV. Premium quality gear will Spiritbond faster that normal superior ones, also for every Materia inserted, it will also Spiritbond faster; finding junk Materia off the marketplace is ideal for making the most of this.

    Any gear can be Spiritbonded, however, just “convertible” equipment can be actually consumed to produce Materia. Furthermore, if you gain any Spiritbonding experience on a product buy gil, it becomes untradable to you; essentially soulbound.

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