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    An insurance agent sells, offers, or otherwise negotiates insurance on behalf of a company, usually the employer or agent of a business, to compensate its employees and/or owners. Many times an insurance agent works with insurance companies as representatives to negotiate their product offerings, policies, discounts and other offers. There are…[Read more]

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    Insurance agents are people who sell and sell again about insurance. They help people get the best deal on insurance that they need. There are several different kinds of insurance agents including: general insurance, liability insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance. A person can find all kinds of insurance agents in their local area…[Read more]

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    The term “insurance agents” is not quite the same as “insurance broker”insurance salesperson”. An insurance agent only sells, solicits, advises, or negotiates policies for compensation; in other words, they are only an intermediary between the insurance company and the customer. However, insurance agents do have a specific and important role…[Read more]

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