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    Nowadays when we talk about bags, everyone can mention the Louis LV Damier Azur Leinwand Tasche vuitton bags. It is so famous both at home and abroad. With high quality and nice design, it has been the luxury of the fashion. You can see many important politics and international stars wear with the LV bags. It is the luxury and eagerness to all the beauties.Next, louis vuitton taschen bags are always made from one continuous piece of fabric so on one side the LV’S will be upside down. If all of the LV’s are straight up your bag is a fake so this is a good way to teel if you have the real thing or not.A main feature in the louis vuitton speedy bag is the logo prints that unquestionably are embossed on the monogram canvas material that they use. One season, They come up with some other versions of the prints. They often use prints such as, Cherries, Open art pandas, Flowers, Graffiti and water colors. For former mate back’. who do not like logo prints on their bags, The Epi canvas and Damier are always priced at them. Enhance, They also come in a range of colors such as green and blue.The most attracting element of this bag is of course the Bonnie graphic print, which is an inspiration from kids’ naive pastel drawings. The seemingly simple lines give the bag a strong life tension. It well shows that excellent design origins from life and enrich life itself. A little wallet on the canvas bag is well contrasting with the cartoon print. This Coach Graffiti tote is priced at $298.00, although not as pricey as Louis Vuitton Handbags, it is still vivid and interesting, which will of course attracting more envy eyesight. Coach really knows what we young girls need right now. You deserve it.louis vuitton bags is not only known for its class and elegance but, also because of it quality. The quality of the bags has been well taken cared through the years of its existence, from generation through generation. However, because of the popularity of these bags, there has been a lot of people that have mass produced fake bags, sold at a very lest price.Elegant and stylish-these are the two words to explain a D&G bags. The styles are resourceful such as the Skip Escape Leopard Print Tote, Woven Tote, and Skip Escape Floral-Print Patent Tote. The Leopard Print Tote is built of denim, making it practical and long lasting. The Woven tote is definitely sophisticated, even though the Floral-Print is best for summertime.The best way to obtain what your really want is to rent one of these great handbags. This allows you to wear one of these great handbags but you will never get tires of the style because you always get the latest style out there.

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