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    shoulder pain treatment of Americans suffer from chronic neck and back pain, often suffering in silence for years before they seek help. Once they do begin to look into their options, many choose to see a Chiropractor for natural treatment of their aches and pains instead of starting a regimen of dangerous pharmaceutical painkillers. However, treating chronic back and neck pain is not the only thing that chiropractors do; read on to find out about a few lesser-known issues that can be treated with chiropractic care.

    Metabolic Disorders

    While most forms of obesity can be treated using changes in diet, those who are having difficulty digesting their food properly due to metabolic disorders tend to find that they are unable to lose weight even when they stick to restrictive diets. Those who do not have the right enzymes to digest food will find that even the right foods don’t make a difference; many are surprised to learn that both the production of these enzymes and the production of the hormones responsible for indicating hunger and satiety are controlled by the central nervous system. Patients suffering from metabolic disorders sometimes find that chiropractic care helps them to improve their central nervous system’s ability to function, which constitutes a healthy first-step toward successfully losing weight.

    Mental Health Disorders

    Another surprising advantage of visiting chiropractors for specialized care is that it can help patients suffering from several kinds of mental health disorders find the relief they need without the side effects and complications of pharmaceutical medications. Medical studies have shown that chiropractic care reduced symptoms in 65% of patients with schizophrenia, 15% of patients with bipolar disorder, and 20% of patients with nervous disorders. Keep in mind, though, that not everyone will find that chiropractic care entirely alleviates their emotional or mental disorders; many patients find that their best course of action is to lower their doses of medications and use both chiropractic care and pharmaceutical intervention in managing their symptoms.

    back pain remedies wind up suffering from traumatic birth injuries, and these don’t always manifest themselves in infancy. If a newborn baby begins his or her life with vertebral segments that are out of alignment it can place unnecessary pressure on the nerve roots, which, in turn, can lead to a wide array of problems later in childhood. Children respond extremely well to chiropractic care, though, and often find that it helps them to alleviate, or even eradicate, many of their symptoms.

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