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    An insurance agent, like a doctor, a lawyer or any other professional, make money through fees or commissions on insurance sales to companies or individuals. Most commissions are usually between two and eight percent of premiums paid for insuring the client. An insurance agent has a specific understanding of the individual client’s circumstances, needs and wants to get them the right insurance policy at the lowest rate. The insurance industry is made up of a number of different firms and organizations that specialize in insuring individuals and businesses. Many agents work for independent firms, while others may work for larger insurance companies. There are many different types of insurance including life, health and auto, property, and casualty.Insurance brokers are people or agencies that help a client find the right kind of insurance for their individual situation and lifestyle. They will get quotes from a number of insurance providers in an effort to find a better deal for their clients. There are several types of insurance brokers; however, one of the most important is the one who manages a client’s premium payments. The agent will negotiate and create a policy plan to cover the client’s claims and give him/her the best deal. The insurance agent also collects payments from the insurance company for the premiums. This process takes the form of regular deposits or payments. The agent will also receive payment from the insurance company for managing the insurance policies and claims.An insurance broker plays a critical role in helping clients maintain the appropriate levels of coverage and protection for their properties and/or personal possessions. As an agent, you will make all decisions about premiums and paychecks for a client. Insurance brokers must be licensed, bonded and must meet other government requirements. Most brokers have their own staffs of analysts and salespeople that deal directly with the insurance provider. However, some brokers deal solely with the insurance provider and work independently to generate new insurance leads, collect payment and manage the client accounts.

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