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    Having a network of more than 750M followers across Twitter and Instagram, NowADays Media is probably the largest and many influential media companies around. We like to express we have Millenials and Gen Z in the palm individuals hands (and our reputation speaks towards that).

    Using the chance to serve up to 200M impressions daily at an unbeatable CPM – we will drive hundreds of thousands (in some instances millions) of app downloads, video views, and eyeballs on almost any business, brand, IP or branded content. Our network has garnered over 40 search trends in america, Canada and UK iOS App Stores.

    We are not just a one-off platform that middle-mans that you influencers, we live and breathe this industry day in and day out through deep roots from the communities that control them. Using our 15 years of combined experience with influencer marketing NowADays runs full scale campaigns with clever, subtle creatives that instill the worry of at a disadvantage.

    These days, trends are born on social networking. We create trends. Let’s help you get available. We are going to scream in the rooftops in your case and now someone will in reality exist to know it.

    So, exactly what are a number of the trends you should be on the lookout for in 2018 to help you stay ahead of your competition for all-important brand awareness and fundraising dollars?

    Growth Hacking: Watch leader, including nonprofit executives, know that it’s essential to the lifeblood of an organization to convert and drive revenue. It increasingly ensures that it is vital so that you can be where your donors and prospective supporters are congregating. Meaning, you need to be across the online and offline worlds, and you’ve got to ensure things are coordinated. You have to create content that keeps supporters among others looking back in places you need these to give consideration, like your website. In addition, it signifies that you must ensure that you have SEO experts available to be sure that the people who are considering your cause or organization will your site. Quite simply, if you are not buying SEO expertise, you’re behind the eight-ball.

    Social Listening: Social listening extends beyond just tracking your mentions and comments from the digital world. Social listening ensures that you already know the context of engagements using your followers as well as the public so that you may also be digging deeper than providing automated or canned responses for many years. It’s important to have someone in your team–live people–who understands the "whole" with the organization, then when someone reaches to you, you treat them when you would from the non-digital world. The easiest way to view social listening is to treat everyone as if these were standing at the front of you with your office. It doesn’t matter where or where did they build relationships with your organization.

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