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    It is probably safe to say that most everyone has experienced the stress of sitting in a waiting room at a hospital or surgery center while a loved one is in for a surgical procedure. There are typically family members huddled together in their own little seating areas where they have set up camp. Everyone sits and waits on pins and needles. Anytime someone in scrubs walks in the room the automatic instinct is to jump up and see if there is any news on the family member.

    Usually after a good amount of time has passed, someone from the group goes on a food run since everyone is afraid to leave the room thinking that they might miss that window of opportunity to get an update. Also, the family members who were not able to be at the hospital that day are calling and texting those who are waiting for minute by minute updates which may not be available. Finally, there is a way of Improving Hospital to Patient Satisfaction.

    New Technology

    EASE Applications was created to improve the overall patient experience and engagement through communication. This is a way to securely update families from the time a patient leaves their sight from pre-op well into surgery, on to the medical floor. By using the application and scanning the patient’s bar-coded wristband, one can receive HIPAA compliant texts, photos, and videos. This has shown to reduce anxiety for all involved and make for better Doctor to Patient Satisfaction as well as Nurse to Patient Satisfaction. It’s like having a window into the operating room in to stay connected to a loved one.

    hcahps measures and Benefits

    The mobile app does not require viewing a complicated dashboard or using a desktop computer. Once it has been downloaded to a mobile device, a patients’ family can get updates from any place in the hospital. So, if
    hospital patient satisfaction survey decides to have a peaceful lunch together in the cafeteria, there is no need to leave someone behind in the waiting room.

    Patients can dictate who gets updates by creating a network of loved ones that will receive all the correspondence sent. The messages will last for 60 seconds after viewing, and then they are deleted. Nurse to Patient Satisfaction is greater as they can spend more time with the patient and less time on the phone or relaying messages to family members.

    Based the feedback already received, the device is Improving Hospital to Patient Satisfaction. So far 99% if those who used the application say that the updates provided reduced their anxiety. 80% of those surveyed indicated that having the EASE application available would influence their decision on which hospital to use in the future. Contact us today for additional information at ease applications.

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